Sometimes when looking at intellectual disabilities, people can be short-sighted, and focus on the disability rather than the person.

We have designed two pairs of glasses as a symbolic invitation to look at intellectual disabilities from a new point of view.


Have you got your glasses yet? If so, show them to the world! Upload them to your social networks and share them with us by using any of our hashtags: #ThroughLArcheEyes  #ShareWearDonate

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Your support helps us continue with our mission of making known the gifts of people with intellectual disabilities. Thanks for joining us in our quest for a more human society for all of us.

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Join us this Christmas in our mission

to transform views on intellectual disabilities

Our Christmas campaign ‘Through L’Arche Eyes’ is an invitation to look at disabilities from a different perspective. The symbol we have chosen is a pair of glasses because we have seen that sometimes when looking at learning disabilities, people tend to be short-sighted. They focus on the disability and forget that beyond it there is a person with many invaluable gifts.

The issue is not the disability; it’s the way we look at it. People with learning disabilities don’t need to be cured because they are not sick; they don’t need to be saved because they are not lost. We don’t want fewer people with learning disabilities around us; they are a gift to our societies. The real questions should be about inclusion and belonging; about personal encounters without prejudices; about the kind of societies we want in the future.

So to transform views on learning disabilities, we are inviting people to symbolically change their perspective and show their support by wearing our glasses, sharing pictures in social media and donating to L’Arche. Please join us this Christmas, so together we can transform views on learning disabilities. Thank you.

Do you prefer to donate offline? Please feel free to contact us: diana.walsh@larcheireland.org

An Siol, 42 West Street, Callan, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland.

Phone: +353 (0)56 7755494 

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